Monday, October 1, 2007

Part 2 of 2nd week homework for memoir

Loaded words I found with page number- kid-#48, son-#49, love-#55, weird-#70, millionaire-#70, teenagers-#74, rich-#82, black-#83, obsess-#85, and racist-#89. I think the word kid is loaded because, kid can be offensive to me. Like if an adult said, "hey kid get over here!" That's offensive to me. I'd rather have him say, "hey you come here" , because I think kid is used for an irresponsible little kid. I think son is a loaded word in this part of the book because it was used in an unusual way. The sentence was like "Son what are you doing?" The man calling Derek Jeter that wasn't even his dad. So I think if an adult called me son and he wasn't my dad I wouldn't like being called that. I think love is a loaded word because, love can be offensive to some people. Because some people don't believe in love. I believe in love but for some people I think It'd be a little offensive. I think weird is a loaded work because, being called weird at least for me would be offensive. I would rather have someone say "your different." Then saying your weird. Weird is just a mean word to say to someone in my opinion. Millionaire is a loaded word. Because being know as a millionaire some people don't like to be known as that. And the people that aren't so wealthy I think would be offended if they heard someone say this person is a millionaire. Teenagers is a loaded word. Because a lot of adults don't like teenagers and they don't trust us. They blame teenagers for normal things we do that they don't like. It depends on how you use the word though. Rich is a loaded word because some people don't like to known as "rich" I know that from experience by calling one of my friends that. He didn't like it. Black is a loaded word in this part of the book because of how it was used. I think you should use the word African American if your naming someone by the color of their skin instead of using black. Because some African Americans might be offended if you call them black. Obsess is a loaded word because I think it's mean to tell someone there obsessed about something. Just tell them they like this object a lot. You don't need to say obsessed. Racist is a loaded work because, calling someone racist is mean, but it might be the truth. You can just say they don't like this race. You don't need to say they're racist. I just think it's mean to call someone racist.

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