Thursday, October 25, 2007

Final Blog, post 1

In the final part of my book Derek talked about the struggles he had with players on the Yankees through the years he has played for them, approaches he got from crazy fans, and how to stay out of trouble. Derek talked about when he was with Tino Martinez, a fan came up to him in a club and told him that he had some "x" for him. Right away Derek said, "no" shaking his head and immediately got up with Tino, walked away and got out of that club. Derek said that,"even if I asked him what is that?" Or even smiled politely, people would've saw that he was handing me something and the people would go straight to the papers saying, "Derek was getting XTC in a club". That's why if you ever get into a situation like that you should just walk away. Derek also talked about when the Yankees and Mariners got into a bench clearing fight how one of his teammates took a shot at him in the media after the game saying, "that Derek should of been defending his teammates, instead of talking and joking with A-rod." Derek was very upset by that comment because, his teammate just assumed that he was joking with A-rod. Derek didn't want to get into a fight and either did A-rod. So Derek and A-rod were actually talking about how the pitcher that hit Martinez did it on accident. So both of the players weren't joking around they were talking baseball with eachother and Dereks teammate was assuming that they were Joking. Derek was very mad. Overall I personally liked this book a lot.

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