Monday, October 29, 2007

The Sea Inside, post 2

Between the novel The Diving Bell and The Butterfly and the film The Sea Inside there were many similarities and differences. The similarities between the two were, the main characters were quadriplegics, were married, wanted to die, were cared for, both could go in their wheelchairs, couldn't go to the bathroom, both wondered off into their fantasies, main characters wrote something that got published for the world to see, and both were loved by their family. The differences between the two were in the the film The Sea Inside Ramon wanted to kill himself, married twice, he could eat, could go outside with his wheelchair, could talk, could see out of both eyes, was cared for by his family, didn't have one of his eyelids sewn shut, could whistle, made himself quadriplegic by being stupid by jumping off a cliff with 5 feet deep water at the bottom, his poems were published, and could drink liquids on his own. The differences in the novel The Diving Bell and The Butterfly were he couldn't control what happened to him, was cared for in a hospital, he had a stroke, (that's why he became a quadriplegic), could only see out of one eye, couldn't talk, made a book that was published about his experience, had one eyelid sewn shut, had to fed by tubes, and was only married once. In my opinion I thought the novel was more powerful to me. Because in the book Jean-Dominque Bauby really explained how bad it was to be in his situation, he could only see out off one eye, he couldn't talk, and he couldn't even talk to his family. Reading that was horrible. It was just so sad. To me reading that book made me believe that I should try to live life to the fullest.

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