Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly reflection

Honestly in my opinion I thought this book was the worst book I've ever read in my life. It was also the worst book I've ever read during a school year. I thought it was so bad because, it was so hard to follow, understand, and just hard to read. When I would read a page or even a chapter of this book I would pause after and think to myself what did I just read. To me reading some of those pages in the book was to me like just reading words. Some of the pages I read I could understand, and some of the points or stories he was explaining I could understand. That happened rarely though. I was kind of disappointed on how bad the book was because, it says on the cover of the book that it was a number 1 international bestseller, there were so many good things said about it by big name magazines, and so many good things said about it by big name authors and publishers. I do think that when Jean-Dominique Bauby wrote this book it kept him alive. By Bauby writing this book I think it helped him stay alive, because it was something for him that he could still do. It was a thing that he could do that he still loved and had a passion for. I think that if I read this book in 5 years from now I could probably be able to follow,understand, and even like this book. I just think this book is a little to hard for us as sophmores to read, because it's just to hard to follow. I mean overall I hated it, but I can see why Bauby wrote this book.

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