Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Week 3, part 2

So far up to this point in the book, the book is very interesting. It's very easy to follow and read. When it's easy to read and follow that's a plus in my opinion. I like the book a lot. There's one weakness in the book. That weakness is how Derek keeps on explaining how you need to set your goals high. He keeps saying that. It gets a little annoying when he keeps repeating that. I can see why he keeps repeating that though. There are some interesting issues in this book. For an example when Derek says that, "people look at his parents differently, because there's one white dad and one white mom." I think that happens in today's world too. I mean when I see a white women and a black man together I guess in my opinion I think that's different. I'm not saying I'm racist but your just not used to seeing that a lot. Overall all the chapters I've read are enjoyable to read.

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