Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Sea Inside, post 1

I thought this film was interesting. It probably would've been more interesting if it wasn't in subtitles and if we didn't have to take notes during the movie. Because no one likes to takes notes, or read subtitles during a movie. It's pretty brutal to have to do that. I think it's wrong to kill yourself, even if you're a quadriplegic. I can understand why Ramon would want to kill himself after being a quadriplegic for 28 years, but killing yourself in my opinion is wrong. Getting a assisted suicide I think is even worse, because who ever is helping you do it must not love you enough if they're willing to kill you. By helping someone kill them self you have no heart or soul. I agree with the courts ruling. Because it's wrong to help someone kill them self, and it's wrong to kill yourself in general. I didn't like when Ramon killed himself because, it's wrong to do that to yourself. I mean he's the one that jumped off a cliff that had 3 feet of water at the bottom. He's the one that did this to himself. I think the friends that helped him kill himself have no heart or soul.

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