Sunday, October 21, 2007

Part 5, post 2

Part 5 of the book was very interesting to me. Derek talked about who his ro-model was growing up, and what to look for in a ro-model. He also talked about how he started his foundation. Called Turn-2. His foundation helps kids with drug, and alcohol problems. He emphasis's on how bad drugs and alcohol are for you and that you should never try them. Unless your 21 years old when its legal to drink. In his foundation he also has baseball camps for kids. During this part of the book he also talked about his struggles coming into the major leagues and getting moved down to the minors. He talks about how hard it was for him to get moved down. I liked the way Derek explained what to look for in a ro-model. He had a lot of ro-models growing up, and he still does. Sometimes in this section of the book he explained things over and over again and it got a little boring. He talked about how to set goals again, and he already talked about that the first 4 sections of the book. It gets kind of annoying when you read about it so much. I mean I did like this section of the book though. Derek also talked about how his ro-model and good friend Daryle Strawberry had drug problems, alcohol problems, and the struggles he went through. He was tested positive for cocaine. He was suspended for a year for testing positive. When he started talking about that in the book I really got interested. I really liked when Jeter started talking about that. Overall I thought this section was pretty interesting, but not the most interesting.

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