Sunday, September 30, 2007

Memoir part one assignment

First part of memoir book- The first part of my book was about Derek Jeters life, goals he accomplished, goals he wanted to succeed in, how his parents taught him so much about life, and about how you need to set goals up in your life to be successful.

Personally I liked the first part of the book. I thought it was really interesting that he always wanted to be a Yankee even though he grew up in Michigan. The goals that he told himself that he was going to accomplish was incredible. I could never imagine setting those goals as a young kid, and then actually accomplish them. For an example he said he wanted to be the high school baseball player of the year. (Being the high school baseball player of the year is based on the best high school baseball player int he country). He told himself that as a freshmen and as a senior he accomplished that. That's crazy. His parents had so much confidence in him in everything he did that he thought he could do anything. He also talked about all the struggles he had to go threw playing in the minor leagues. As an eighteen year old I could never imagine myself having to go through all those struggles as what he did. Overall I really enjoyed the first section of this book.

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