Monday, October 29, 2007

The Sea Inside, post 3

When Ramon and Julia kissed it was an eye level shot. It felt like I was there, because it was an eye level shot and it seemed like I was close to them. When Ramon leaves his older brothers house for the last time, Javier is running after the van where Ramon is. It was a long shot. It stood out to me because, it made the scene seem more sad. Because, he didn't want to let Ramon go, and he knew that was the last time he would ever see his uncle. Those scenes and shots were meaningful to me.

The Sea Inside, post 2

Between the novel The Diving Bell and The Butterfly and the film The Sea Inside there were many similarities and differences. The similarities between the two were, the main characters were quadriplegics, were married, wanted to die, were cared for, both could go in their wheelchairs, couldn't go to the bathroom, both wondered off into their fantasies, main characters wrote something that got published for the world to see, and both were loved by their family. The differences between the two were in the the film The Sea Inside Ramon wanted to kill himself, married twice, he could eat, could go outside with his wheelchair, could talk, could see out of both eyes, was cared for by his family, didn't have one of his eyelids sewn shut, could whistle, made himself quadriplegic by being stupid by jumping off a cliff with 5 feet deep water at the bottom, his poems were published, and could drink liquids on his own. The differences in the novel The Diving Bell and The Butterfly were he couldn't control what happened to him, was cared for in a hospital, he had a stroke, (that's why he became a quadriplegic), could only see out of one eye, couldn't talk, made a book that was published about his experience, had one eyelid sewn shut, had to fed by tubes, and was only married once. In my opinion I thought the novel was more powerful to me. Because in the book Jean-Dominque Bauby really explained how bad it was to be in his situation, he could only see out off one eye, he couldn't talk, and he couldn't even talk to his family. Reading that was horrible. It was just so sad. To me reading that book made me believe that I should try to live life to the fullest.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Sea Inside, post 1

I thought this film was interesting. It probably would've been more interesting if it wasn't in subtitles and if we didn't have to take notes during the movie. Because no one likes to takes notes, or read subtitles during a movie. It's pretty brutal to have to do that. I think it's wrong to kill yourself, even if you're a quadriplegic. I can understand why Ramon would want to kill himself after being a quadriplegic for 28 years, but killing yourself in my opinion is wrong. Getting a assisted suicide I think is even worse, because who ever is helping you do it must not love you enough if they're willing to kill you. By helping someone kill them self you have no heart or soul. I agree with the courts ruling. Because it's wrong to help someone kill them self, and it's wrong to kill yourself in general. I didn't like when Ramon killed himself because, it's wrong to do that to yourself. I mean he's the one that jumped off a cliff that had 3 feet of water at the bottom. He's the one that did this to himself. I think the friends that helped him kill himself have no heart or soul.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Final Blog, post 2

Did the other assignment, the optional one.

Final Blog, post 1

In the final part of my book Derek talked about the struggles he had with players on the Yankees through the years he has played for them, approaches he got from crazy fans, and how to stay out of trouble. Derek talked about when he was with Tino Martinez, a fan came up to him in a club and told him that he had some "x" for him. Right away Derek said, "no" shaking his head and immediately got up with Tino, walked away and got out of that club. Derek said that,"even if I asked him what is that?" Or even smiled politely, people would've saw that he was handing me something and the people would go straight to the papers saying, "Derek was getting XTC in a club". That's why if you ever get into a situation like that you should just walk away. Derek also talked about when the Yankees and Mariners got into a bench clearing fight how one of his teammates took a shot at him in the media after the game saying, "that Derek should of been defending his teammates, instead of talking and joking with A-rod." Derek was very upset by that comment because, his teammate just assumed that he was joking with A-rod. Derek didn't want to get into a fight and either did A-rod. So Derek and A-rod were actually talking about how the pitcher that hit Martinez did it on accident. So both of the players weren't joking around they were talking baseball with eachother and Dereks teammate was assuming that they were Joking. Derek was very mad. Overall I personally liked this book a lot.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Part 5, post 2

Part 5 of the book was very interesting to me. Derek talked about who his ro-model was growing up, and what to look for in a ro-model. He also talked about how he started his foundation. Called Turn-2. His foundation helps kids with drug, and alcohol problems. He emphasis's on how bad drugs and alcohol are for you and that you should never try them. Unless your 21 years old when its legal to drink. In his foundation he also has baseball camps for kids. During this part of the book he also talked about his struggles coming into the major leagues and getting moved down to the minors. He talks about how hard it was for him to get moved down. I liked the way Derek explained what to look for in a ro-model. He had a lot of ro-models growing up, and he still does. Sometimes in this section of the book he explained things over and over again and it got a little boring. He talked about how to set goals again, and he already talked about that the first 4 sections of the book. It gets kind of annoying when you read about it so much. I mean I did like this section of the book though. Derek also talked about how his ro-model and good friend Daryle Strawberry had drug problems, alcohol problems, and the struggles he went through. He was tested positive for cocaine. He was suspended for a year for testing positive. When he started talking about that in the book I really got interested. I really liked when Jeter started talking about that. Overall I thought this section was pretty interesting, but not the most interesting.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Part 4, post 2

Summarization of part 4- In this section Derek talks about a lot of his personal experiences. He talks about his very close relationships with teammates, his relationship with Mariah Carey, and his close relationship with his sister. He talks about the struggles he had to go through when he was dating Mariah Carey. When he was dating her he couldn't take all the paparazzis following them and writing down every move they did with each other. He talked about how much his sister meant to him even though she was six years younger then him. He also talked about what he does in the off season. He says, "there is no off season for me." So now I know that there isn't an off season for Derek Jeter. Overall this chapter was very interesting and I can't wait to read the next section.

Part 4, post 1

Joe Torre talks about meeting Tiger Woods for the first time and he talks about how much Tiger reminded him of Derek. He says, "Tiger's eyes told me that he was just like Jeter." "His presence, that comfort level with people, and that confidence." (#156) That was said obviously by Joe Torre the Yankee manager. Title of the book is The Life you imagine. (Don't know how to underline the title) I think that quote is important in the book because, I think it's explaining who Derek Jeter really is, that Jeter is all about winning, and that he has the fire under him to keep winning and winning. I thought it was a good quote because, you know that someone in this world can be similiar to Derek Jeter.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly reflection

Honestly in my opinion I thought this book was the worst book I've ever read in my life. It was also the worst book I've ever read during a school year. I thought it was so bad because, it was so hard to follow, understand, and just hard to read. When I would read a page or even a chapter of this book I would pause after and think to myself what did I just read. To me reading some of those pages in the book was to me like just reading words. Some of the pages I read I could understand, and some of the points or stories he was explaining I could understand. That happened rarely though. I was kind of disappointed on how bad the book was because, it says on the cover of the book that it was a number 1 international bestseller, there were so many good things said about it by big name magazines, and so many good things said about it by big name authors and publishers. I do think that when Jean-Dominique Bauby wrote this book it kept him alive. By Bauby writing this book I think it helped him stay alive, because it was something for him that he could still do. It was a thing that he could do that he still loved and had a passion for. I think that if I read this book in 5 years from now I could probably be able to follow,understand, and even like this book. I just think this book is a little to hard for us as sophmores to read, because it's just to hard to follow. I mean overall I hated it, but I can see why Bauby wrote this book.

Week 3, part 2

So far up to this point in the book, the book is very interesting. It's very easy to follow and read. When it's easy to read and follow that's a plus in my opinion. I like the book a lot. There's one weakness in the book. That weakness is how Derek keeps on explaining how you need to set your goals high. He keeps saying that. It gets a little annoying when he keeps repeating that. I can see why he keeps repeating that though. There are some interesting issues in this book. For an example when Derek says that, "people look at his parents differently, because there's one white dad and one white mom." I think that happens in today's world too. I mean when I see a white women and a black man together I guess in my opinion I think that's different. I'm not saying I'm racist but your just not used to seeing that a lot. Overall all the chapters I've read are enjoyable to read.

Week 3, part 1

Chapters 4-5 summary
Chapter 4-summary

This chapter is about how Derk Jeter was born into a family where there was a black dad and a white mom. Derek talks about all of the struggles he and his family had to go through. He talks about how kids in his grade used to ask him, "Are you black or are you white?" Derek would reply, "I'm both." He talked about how his sisters white friends weren't aloud to hang out with black boys, and that the only way her white friends could hang out with black boys is by going to the Jeters house. Because the Derek's parents didn't care what race you were. He talked about how people looked at his family weird because, they saw a black women and a black man together.

Chapter 5 summary

During this chapter Derek talks about not being afraid to fail. He says, "if you're afraid to fail you will never go the extra mile and you will never succeed." He also talks about how you need to set your goals high otherwise you won't expect a lot out of yourself. In this chapter it is said that you shouldn't be afraid of anything, you should always try to do things at the highest level possible.

Biography about the author-Derk Jeter

Derek Jeter was born on the 26th of June, 1974. He was born in Pequannock, New Jersey. He is 6 foot 3 inches tall. Derek is known for being the New York Yankees shortstop. He is known for being one of the best shortstops in the game and one of the best shortstops in history ever to play the game. He played baseball in Michigan at Kalamazoo high school. He was named the National High School Player of the Year. He was drafted by the Yankees after his senior year. He decided to sign with the Yankees instead of playing college baseball. He signed with Yankees at age 18. Derek now is an all star shortstop for the Yankees he was won 4 world championships with the Yankees. He is overall an outstanding baseball player, and romodel.
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Part 2 of 2nd week homework for memoir

Loaded words I found with page number- kid-#48, son-#49, love-#55, weird-#70, millionaire-#70, teenagers-#74, rich-#82, black-#83, obsess-#85, and racist-#89. I think the word kid is loaded because, kid can be offensive to me. Like if an adult said, "hey kid get over here!" That's offensive to me. I'd rather have him say, "hey you come here" , because I think kid is used for an irresponsible little kid. I think son is a loaded word in this part of the book because it was used in an unusual way. The sentence was like "Son what are you doing?" The man calling Derek Jeter that wasn't even his dad. So I think if an adult called me son and he wasn't my dad I wouldn't like being called that. I think love is a loaded word because, love can be offensive to some people. Because some people don't believe in love. I believe in love but for some people I think It'd be a little offensive. I think weird is a loaded work because, being called weird at least for me would be offensive. I would rather have someone say "your different." Then saying your weird. Weird is just a mean word to say to someone in my opinion. Millionaire is a loaded word. Because being know as a millionaire some people don't like to be known as that. And the people that aren't so wealthy I think would be offended if they heard someone say this person is a millionaire. Teenagers is a loaded word. Because a lot of adults don't like teenagers and they don't trust us. They blame teenagers for normal things we do that they don't like. It depends on how you use the word though. Rich is a loaded word because some people don't like to known as "rich" I know that from experience by calling one of my friends that. He didn't like it. Black is a loaded word in this part of the book because of how it was used. I think you should use the word African American if your naming someone by the color of their skin instead of using black. Because some African Americans might be offended if you call them black. Obsess is a loaded word because I think it's mean to tell someone there obsessed about something. Just tell them they like this object a lot. You don't need to say obsessed. Racist is a loaded work because, calling someone racist is mean, but it might be the truth. You can just say they don't like this race. You don't need to say they're racist. I just think it's mean to call someone racist.