Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ryan's top 10 list for the book "The Code"

Top 10 list

1-What "The Code" means, and what's it about.-"The Code" is a rule that all hockey players in the NHL should abide by. It's a rule that you don't take liberties with the star players or any players in general. If you do, you have to face the consequences and face the oppositions enforcer. At that time you basically have to fight and if you turtle, your breaking "The Code." This book that I read really explains what the code is and that's my definition of the code in my own words.
2-What an enforcer is. An enforcer is a type of hockey player on your team that barley gets any ice time, is only sent out on the ice to fight, sent out there to get momentum for your team, and is on the team because it makes the other team to play fair. An enforcer intimidates the other team. His main job is to fight.
3-What's the job of an enforcer on a NHL team or any team?-The job of an enforcer on any team is to intimidate the other team, so that they won't take any cheap shots at your star players or players in general. There used to fight to settle old cheap shots in the past or in the present to tell the other team to cut it out or things will get ugly. They're also used to go out and try to give their team momentum with a big or getting into a fight.
4-A theme for "The Code."-Be aware of the way your playing because, if a team or an enforcer doesn't like the way your playing you'll have to pay the consequences. By that means you'll most likely have to fight.
5-What an enforcers role is, in terms of intimidation.-An Enforcers role in terms of intimidation is to scare the other team. By scaring the other team that team will play fair, and won't take liberties with any of your star players. By doing that he'll protect his star players, so they can score goals and win games.
6-Enforcers lifestyle.-Enforcers lifestyle is an uneasy and hard lifestyle. Basically every day they have to worry about fighting the biggest, and baddest tough guy on the other team day in day out. If they don't someone else that's younger will. They're pressured to win because, if they don't they know their jobs are on the line. With all the fights they fight in, it takes a beating to their body. Sometimes it's hard to turn off the switch when they go home because they're so pumped up from that nights game.
Rules of "Code."-These are the rules that the players in the NHL should abide by day in day out. Basically the rules are not to hit anyone cheaply and you'll be fine. And if you do you have to fight.
8-Why is having an enforcer on your team so key? Their so key because, they intimidate the other team not to take liberties at your players. The other team knows that, so they won't do that cheap stuff. Also that way your players are healthy ,and they do their job by scoring goals and winning games.
9-What roles are there on a NHL team? There are many roles on a NHL team. Such as a grinder, enforcer, goal scorer, captain, goalie, heart of team, and penalty killer. All these roles are different and you need all of them to have a good hockey team.
10-How to shut it off as an enforcer when your pumped up. Well some NHL enforcers in the NHL can and can't shut it off when they go home after a game. So enforcers have to take a cold bath or a cold shower to basically shut it off.

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