Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Post A

Retirees-A person that has retired from a working aspect of his/her life.(186)
Intra Squad-A scrimmage of some sort.(184)

Personification-A Ref represents a person in the NHL that is like a police officer but in hockey. I know this is figurative language because, a ref represents a character. And personification is something that represents a character or a thing.
Personification-An Owner of an NHL team. It's personification because, an owner of a NHL represents a wealthy man, and personification represents things.
Personification-An Agent for a NHL player. It's personification because, an agent represents a hockey player in the NHL. And the definition of personification is something that represents a character or thing.

"Having a feared tough guy on your bench makes sure other players had to play you straight up."(180) This quote is significant to the reading because, it represents what an enforcer does so that other players on the opposite team don't take runs at their players. It explains what the enforcers do in the NHL.

Theme-Be aware of what you do, otherwise you'll have to pay a nasty price.

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