Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Post A

Carnage-massive slaughter-page 31
Sporadic-appearing in scattered instances-page 32

Simile-Marty Mcsorley was like a goal scorer in terms of his role on the ice. It's a simile because, your comparing Marty as a goal scorer when he's the total opposite. So I compared two things that aren't a like, which is a simile.
Simile-For the most part fighters are there to keep peace. It's a simile because, fighters are there to start things not to keep peace. So the sentence is comparing two things that aren't alike.
Simile-Deterrence isn't one of the reasons why NHL fights happen. It's a simile because, deterrence is one of the reasons why NHL fights occur. So it's comparing two things that aren't alike. That's why it's a simile.

Quote-"Enforcers are there to protect their star players."-Page 41
This quote is significant because, protecting your star players is part of the code for the enforcers to follow. I mean the book is called, "The Code"
Theme-Don't think you can throw out liberties at the all star players, unless you think you can back it up when the enforcers come for you.

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