Sunday, November 25, 2007

Post B

"Fans have no idea just how important having a feared enforcer on your team really is." Page-21
That quote is saying that it helps a lot when your playing in the NHL to have a scary/feared enforcer on your team. Because the opposing players will think twice when they want to run one of your all star players. By having a feared enforcer on your team it's an advantage because, the opposing team won't run your best players, and it will also open up the game more for your teammates to be able to skate more without being cheap shotted. With a feared enforcer on your team your team will be able to win more, there will be less injuries, and your all star players will be able to produce more because, the opposing team will be scared to hit the all star players. Overall this quote is saying that with a feared enforcer on your NHL team your team will do better in the long run.

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