Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Post B

Response-For my response I picked a quote. This quote is very significant to the book.

Quote-"Enforcers are there to protect their star players."-Page 41
This quote is significant to the book because, the role of an enforcer is to protect their star players and that's what the code is all about. The book is called The Code. So that quote explains a lot about what the code means. The Code is about enforcers protecting their star players by getting into fights and hitting guys that cheaply hit their star players. Enforcers do this to create space for their star players, and they do this so their team has the best chance to win. When enforcers get into fights that's telling the other team not to take liberties at their players and don't think you can do what ever you want because, you'll have to pay the consequences. By getting into fights and hitting the guys that hit your players cheaply that gives you the best chance to win. It gives you the best chance to win because, by doing this your star players won't be injured because, the other team will be scared to hit your players. Because they know that the enforcer will be coming for them. By doing this the star players will be out on the ice scoring goals and winning games instead of being on the disabled list.

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