Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Post A

Shortcomings-A deficiency-Page 101
Confinement-The act of restraining of a person's liberty by confining them-Page 103

Personification-Enforcer Darius Kasparaitis,"I've broken my nose five or six times."-That represents personification because he's an enforcer and by saying that he represents being an enforcer.
Personification-Team Player-Shot blocking might be the most courageous element of hockey because guys know that they may have to take a puck in the face in order to save a potential goal from going in. That represents personification because, a team player represents someone who is willing to take a puck in the face in order for his team to win.

Personification-Doctor=Healthy-I could tell right away in a game if I was going to be busy or not based on the number of penalties and fights would go on. I would just head down to the training room and start to get my instruments ready when I saw that. I knew that I was going to be getting some customers pretty quickly. That represents personification because, a doctor represents being healthy and when you see the doctor that means you'll be ok and he'll get you healthy.

Quote-By Dave Schultz, "Back in our day if you ran a guy from behind you were going to get the shit beat out of you."-Page 112, It's significant to the book because, Dave Schultz was an enforcer and his quote explains the code.

Theme-Don't mess with the code unless your willing to show up for your consequences.

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