Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Post B

Thoughtful response-I picked a quote to do my response on.

Quote-"If you break a guy's nose or knock out his teeth, or break his jaw, that is just part of the deal."-Page 74 I really thought that quote was interesting because, it's true. If your going to fight you better know how to fight otherwise your going to get hurt. This quote is significant to the book because, when you mess with the code or when your in the code the quote that I explained can happen to you. So you should be prepared for that. All hockey players have gone through some of that stuff. It's all part of the game. The quote I explained happens usually when your fighting and fighting is part of the code. The book is called "The Code" so I thought that, that quote would help explain what can happen when you fight in the NHL or in any league. Overall I thought that quote was a good one to explain, and it's a quote that represents the bad things that happen to you when your part of the code.

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